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By habit, Jeb Sledge disapproved of people who pointed weapons at him…

To soldier-of-fortune Jeb Sledge, it looked simple: Rescue kidnapped journalist Kristen Halvorsen from Colombian guerrillas and collect a nice paycheck. But during the rescue they discover a hidden factory where the guerrillas build a new and deadly type chemical weapon for the international black market. Their discovery triggers a raid on the factory, followed by a desperate search through the Caribbean and the U.S. to prevent a catastrophic attack by weapons the factory has produced. But who is behind that attack and what is the planned target? Finding out brings Jeb and Kristin again into peril for their lives. More...

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A CIA agent working under cover as a drug pilot in Colombia.... A Colombian woman of good family, threatened by industrial intrigue and a plot to kidnap her.... Unwillingly thrown together, they discover plans for an international terrorist strike against both of their countries. Held captive and marked for death in a remote Andean valley, they must find a way to prevent the terrorist attack....With action ranging over much of the Caribbean and the United States, THE LAZARUS FILE is a fast-paced narrative featuring unexpected plot twists, thrilling flight sequences, and emotionally charged personal relationships. More...

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