Dust and Diamond - Poetry - by Donn Taylor © 2008
Notation Poem by Donn Taylor

Dust and Diamond


"Beautiful collection containing tongue-in-cheek humor and heartbreakingly beautiful messages of love. There are only two modern poets who capture my heart and mind with every line, and Donn is one of them." 

                                                                                     ---  Linda Yezak

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.. . .  from dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.     --- Genesis 3:19


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Poems of Earth and Beyond

2008  ©  Donn Taylor

A collection of well-crafted poems addressing fundamental questions of human experience in today's world --- its sadnesses and triumphs, and the humor that tempers them both. 

Pleasant Word

A Division of 

Winepress Publishing

Softcover 90 pages

April 1, 2008

"Notation"  - Poem from Dust and Diamond

Exceptional poetry for all occasions.
"One of my favorites is the last (of course not least) in this tome: "Walk Into Daylight" as it seems to make noteworthy the end of life's journey. It's not sad - it's enlightening.
A bright ending.  Lovely."
 --- Eileen Brown - 2021

Eclectic verses by a soldier,

professor, and poet.

"These poems are wide-ranging, from profound to tongue-in-cheek, all delightful.

I especially enjoyed the beautiful "Notation," the gritty "Panhandle Dust Storm," "Epigram: 1869," the miracle of "Ear," the profound "Terminal Conditions," and the laugh-out-loud "Fashion Models."

--- Joy Neal Kidney - 2021

Dust and Diamond

What is man, that thou art mindful of him?
                                           — Psalm 8:4 (KJV)

I am a single note, sounding but once

And not sustained, a transient passing tone

Too briefly audible for resonance,

One moment's quick vibration, quickly flown—

Not a suspension, bold to stand alone,

Alien and strange to the prevailing chord,

Subsiding into consonance, yet known

Distinct in selfhood—I have not explored

Some fresh key's flavor, nor can I afford

The thrusting dominant's drive to rest again

Upon the keynote, certainty restored.

I'm one slight scratch from the Composer's pen,

Yet by that scratch preserved forevermore,

One part of His divine eternal score.


                                                         © 1995, Donn Taylor


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